38 Legit Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

38 Ways to make an extra 1000 a month working at home and making money onlineWhether you want a work from home job, or simply want to make some extra cash, the possibilities are endless!

To simplify the process, this is a list of the absolute best ways you can make an extra $1,000/month.

Some of these ways will be faster than others, and some will have more earning potential… what’s important is which ones fit you the best!

1. Flip Items on eBay

This past summer, as a side project, I took up selling on eBay, and a little over 2 months later made $5,984.

The beauty of eBay is you can be up and running in less than an hour!

To learn the basics, I started selling things around the house, and within a few hours sold my first item. Several sales later, it became clear a huge key to success was in the pictures; using a good camera and bright lighting is a must.

To be successful on eBay, you’ll need to know a few tricks of the trade, so you can start finding some crazy flips. The biggest ROI I made this past summer was on an item that cost me $1 and was sold a week later for $115… it felt amazing!

  • Pictures are worth 10,000 words. That’s right, on eBay pictures are 10x as powerful as they are otherwise. Don’t underestimate their influence in the sale.
  • Nurture buyers. eBay is all about feedback or the seller’s rating. The quickest way to damage an account’s ability to sell is starting a shouting match with a buyer. Big time sellers, treat buyers with respect, and don’t create a nasty dispute over who pays return shipping.
  • Start with what you know. eBay has a learning curve, it’s not terribly steep but there’s some learning to do. Make it as easy as possible, by selling stuff you already know about. Don’t start with vintage Tiffany lamps, but instead try shoes, electronics, or lightly used clothes.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

When it comes to YouTube, you are in 1 of 2 camps, you either understand its earning potential or you don’t.

I know of channels that have around 10,000 subscribers and earn a full income off it… the secret is not following the crowd.

youtube artworkYouTube Channel Ideas (with linked examples, that make serious money):

If you know a little bit about YouTube, you know channels earn roughly $2/1,000 views with ads; what you might not know is, for full time YouTubers this only makes up 15%-25% of their earnings, because there are tons of other ways to make money from YouTube videos.

3. Start a Blog

Over the years, blogs have transformed into entirely new creatures, with some bloggers making well over $100k a month!

Starting a blog couldn’t be simpler, and with a little strategy, you’ll have web traffic in no time.

Why blogging?

A blog can be used for dozens of purposes; however, at it’s core a blog is a communication channel. With a blog, you’re telling a story about something, whether it’s a product, service, topic, or even your life.

Blog Case Study

Michelle, the face behind Making Sense of Cents began her blogging journey talking about college debt and how to deal with it.

Making sense of cents michelle gardnerMany say her success is a result of providing enormous value and being transparent with her audience. Today, MSOC brings in over $100k/month while she travels around the country in an RV.

4. Complete Surveys

If you’re looking to make money fast, this is a good place to start!

Plus, you can knock these out while watching Netflix or cooking dinner.

Most survey sites offer other ways to earn money in addition to surveys, such as watching videos, playing games, completing web searches, and even printing coupons.

Today more than ever, companies want to know what consumers think, feel, and want… so the payouts are only growing. Many even hold bi-weekly cash drawings for their members!

Here are the Top Survey Sites:

5. Sell on Amazon with FBA

amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is one of the hottest topics in earning money independently, and for good reason. What does FBA actually mean?

It means that instead of you (the seller) packing, labeling, and shipping products as they sell, Amazon does it instead (they charge a ~30% cut for this). This means that after sending in a shipment of goods to Amazon’s warehouse, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Okay, it’s not quite that simple, the product has to be purchased and listed on the website, but the potential to grow the business is unprecedented. Sellers are able to take advantage of the millions of users that visit Amazon daily.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it does take some persistence, but the payoff is well worth it!

  • Take the guesswork out. With a product like Jungle Scout, you easily find profitable products, in relatively uncompetitive niches. Most people will fail, because they want to trust their instinct with a product instead of using data to justify the item’s success!
  • Use insurance. One of the beauties of Amazon FBA is you don’t have to actually touch the merchandise, because it is shipped from the factory to an Amazon warehouse. Don’t cheap out, and skip paying a little extra to insure your shipment arrives safely.
  • Be patient. This method takes a little more time than others, but as previously stated, the payout is 100% worth it.

30 More Ideas

Those 5 ways are tried and true, and have potential to earn a lot more than $1,000/month. These next 30 ideas are mixed bag, hopefully a few resonate with you, remember action is key!

6. Cleaning houses

Housecleaning is very underrated, because most people don’t think outside the box with this model.

Instead of being a solo cleaner, team up with 3 other workers and focus on landing clients while they attend to the actual cleaning.

7. Babysitting

Word of mouth can be effective to land clients, but also local services sites such as care.com are helpful.

8. Pet Sitting

pet sittingPeople love their animals, in some cases more than humans. With a little advertising (Facebook ads targeting your area or flyers) it shouldn’t be hard to find some leads.

9. Mowing Lawns

In the fall, you can blow leaves, and in the winter shovel snow. Mother nature will create work year round!

10. Become a virtual assistant

If you aren’t familiar with virtual assistants or VAs, they are assistant who work remotely. There are VAs for every task imaginable, and the rates are surprisingly high if you have some skills to bring to the table.

Get started with UpWork, which is the largest freelancing platform to quickly find clients.

11. Become a freelancer

There’s some crossover between a VA and a freelancer; however, a freelancer tends to lend their expertise on a single project. For example, a website developer would build websites as a freelancer for several hundred dollars, but a VA probably wouldn’t do something like this.

Once again, to get started I recommend UpWork, and Fivrr which is also a good platform.

12. Rent your Car

turo rent a car exampleCheckout Turo, it’s the Airbnb of cars. For example, someone could rent your 2nd vehicle while they are in your city for a business convention.

The renting fee varies, while most hover around $25-$50 per day. It’s a fast growing market, definitely check it out!

13. Become an editor

This is very popular sub category of freelancing, meaning tons of earning potential!

14. Run errands for people

Task Rabbit gave this method a lot of potential; common errands are grocery shopping and picking up things from the store.

15. Ask for a raise

This might seem obvious, but you never know unless you ask.

The success rate of this request, comes down to how it’s done, so give it some thought.

16. Drive for Uber

Uber is a nice side hustle because it’s super flexible, plus many drives say their conversations skills grow tremendously. Be selective when you go out, most money is made during weekends, and around big events (like concerts and games).

17. Tutor Online

There’s huge demand for good tutors, and the pay can be quite high.

One the top Reddit posts the other day was about a New York City tutor who made about $140/hour… it all comes down to how you execute your tutoring campaign. VarsityTutors, StudyGate, and Chegg are great places to start!

earning money by tutoring reddit

18. Teach an Online Course

Creating an online course is unique in that after it’s created, no more work needs to be done (unless you want to provide an email to field questions).

Students will buy it on sites such as Udemy or Teachable and the fees will roll in every day.

19. Sell Old Electronics

Websites like Swappa.com make the process of cashing in on electronics extremely easy. Even broken phones can bring in surprising amounts of money, in some cases as much $200… for an unusable phone.

20. Recycle for Cash

Believe it or not there is big money in recycling. A bag full of plastic bottles won’t bring in much. However, scrap metal and precious metal from computer parts or car parts has lucrative market.

21. Be a Proofreader

Website blogs, ebooks, and research studies all need a second pair of eyes to catch mistakes. If you enjoy reading, consider this side hustle; jobs can be easily found on UpWork and Fivrr.

22. Sell Photos Online

shutterstock, making money with photographyIf you’ve got a knack for photography, there are dozens of sites that buy photos. iStock and Shutterstock are popular, but don’t forget about Instagram.

Many photographers sell prints, the rights to their photographs, even land clients with the platform by creating a beautiful photo gallery on their profile.

23. Teach English from Home

With the help of the internet, teaching a language is very doable with services like dadaabc.com and vipkid.com.

24. Sponsored Social Media Posts

If you have a decently large following on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you can make surprisingly good money with sponsorships. This post explains how the process works in detail.

25. Housesit

housesitting for moneyAs long as people go on vacations and business trips, there will be demand for housesitters. If getting to paid to stay the night at someone’s house and water their plants sounds interesting, give it a shot.

26. Research Studies

There’s no shortage of paid research studies. An abundance of such projects can be found at local colleges and universities. There are also many options available for paid online studies.

27. Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping to make extra moneyIn other words, providing anonymous feedback about a business… and getting paid for it. It doesn’t sound too bad getting free steak dinners or free movie tickets, in exchange for sharing your opinion.

Restaurants, hotels, and retail companies all participate in this practice to gain customer insight. BestMark and A Closer Look are two of the top companies hiring for this service!

28. Referee Sporting Events

You’ll need to attend a brief training before starting, but once it’s done you’re all set. Pay will vary by the sport and professional level (recreation, high school, or club).

29. Rent out your house

Airbnb is insanely popular for people looking to earn money on unused space. Why leave that spare bedroom vacant when it could be generating an extra $100 a day?

30. Playing Video Games

livestreaming on twitch20 years ago this wasn’t possible, but today gamers who live stream their gameplays can make 6 figures.

They earn money through donations, and subscriptions to their gaming channel. Gamers earn money in other ways too.

31. Voiceover Work

Voice is the up and coming form of media, made popular with products like Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Currently, voiceover services are wanted for audio books, commercials, and instructional videos.

Consider starting a podcast too; if done right, they can bring boatloads of leads to your business.

32. Designing Websites

I’ve been amazed to hear how much freelancers are earning for this work. Honestly, you don’t need to be a advanced programmer either, you can get away with knowing your way around the major website builders.

This would have its limitations, but learning a little HTML and CSS would make landing jobs much easier. Find clients using UpWork, Fivrr, and Facebook Groups.

33. Publish books on Amazon KDP

self publishing books on kindle

The days of pitching books to publishing houses are over. Write and edit your manuscript, format it with Amazon’s guidelines, and upload it to KDP.

Within a few hours, your book will be live on the store. E-book royalties range from 30%-70%, with print on demand services available as well.

Some self-published authors such as S. J. Scott earn $35k+ each month on the platform.

34. Cut Expenses Back

This probably doesn’t come to mind when thinking about earning an extra $1,000, but as they say “a dollar saved is a dollar earned.”

Try cutting back some in multiple parts of your budget: eat at home a little more each month, consider down-sizing your home, go a month or two without buying new clothes (or at least try shopping at thrift stores instead).

35. Garage Sales

Not only can you rake in some big money, but you’re also decluttering your home. For best results, don’t hold a yard sale with the expectation you’ll sell a $500 iPhone for $498… the point of yard sale is to move a lot of stuff quickly.

This means, price your things to sell, otherwise you’ll be hauling it all back inside 4 hours later, wishing you didn’t overprice everything.

36. Become a Coach

Most people need a helping hand when starting something new, whether that’s working out, starting a business, or learning a skill. If you’re personable and knowledgeable about your craft, there are students out there eager to learn.

37. Make and Sell your Own Crafts

Etsy is used by millions of people showcasing their love of handmade items. Be sure your products are beautifully displayed on your profile, and interact with other sellers to build relationships.

Many sellers will also start a blog to bring awareness to their products and brand!

38. Create a Kickstarter Project

Obviously you’ll first need an awesome project to inspire people to back your idea. We’ve all heard someone say they have a million dollar idea, but no money to fund it, well Kickstarter crushes that excuse. Some big time products started on this platform and received millions in funding!

kickstart vr example for making money

Final Thoughts!

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the ideas, you only need 1 to work. From the list, pick a handful that relate to you, and then start on one today… no matter what!

Even if it’s researching the idea further, or signing up for a few of the survey sites.

95% of people never take action, and thus “fail by default.”

Best of luck! Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


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