5 Strategies for Massive Website Traffic!

A blog or website without traffic might as well be a diary… and I am assuming you aren’t looking for that. Driving tons of website traffic can be done in countless ways, but some are a lot more effective than others!

Some of these will not be new, but hopefully you’ll hear a few different angles. More than that, knowing these techniques is one things, successfully using them is another.

We are going to cover these 5 tactics to put your blog/website on the map:

  1. Content is King
  2. Cracking Social Media
  3. Understanding SEO
  4. Golden Email List
  5. The Bond

#1 Content is King

In other words, content is the biggest factor in determining success. I think most people have heard about this concept, yet utilizing it effectivity is a different story.

Ask yourself this questions to find out if you’ve truly implemented this idea.

Is this (blog, article, video, podcast) full of value?

If you hesitated, that’s probably a no.

The more convinced you are that your piece of content is spectacular and full of valuable information, the better! Just think about it, lets say you read 2 different articles tomorrow morning while drinking your cup of coffee.

Example Article 1    
A piece commenting on a popular topic, but covered in a unique way. There was data (hyperlinked) to support facts, and funny pictures were sprinkled here and there.

Example Article 2
A piece commenting on a popular topic, regurgitating the same old information. The post was mostly just walls of text, and ended abruptly.

Which one are you more likely to share with your friends and family later that day?

  • Be authentic, it’s one of the best ways to stand out
  • Make sure the content is visually appealing (bulleted lists, pictures, italics)
  • Have a target audience in mind when writing

 #2 Cracking Social Media

This one’s obvious, however utilizing social media outlets to drive website traffic is far easier said than done.

Being seen on social media is getting increasingly difficult every day, because that’s where the attention is going. So, we must be smart with our social media strategy and practice some outside of the box thinking.


Not many bloggers are taking advantage of YouTube. If you have a knack for video, simply make videos about your blog posts and link them at the end saying, “read the full post on my blog, link below.”  

YouTube is the 2nd largest social media platform, surpassed only by Facebook.


This is perhaps the most popular outlet for bloggers to reach viewers, so it’ll take some hustling to break through.

Here are a few Pinterest tips:

  • Join group boards to get some extra exposure
  • Be sure your pins pop, if they are boring they won’t stand a chance
  • Higher activity = better performance

This last point isn’t proven, but multiple bloggers have said they noticed unusual boosts in visits during stretches of times they consistently pinned, repined, and simply browsed the platform.

Tailwind is the leading Pinterest management tool to help you gain traction! It enables scheduled pinning, insights on board and pin analytics, and offers ultra fast pin archiving.

Social Sharing Icons

When it comes to blogging, this is must! You want to ensure sharing posts as easy as humanly possible for readers.

There are several good plugins that take care of this, my favorite is Social Warfare. It has the cleanest design (shown below) and seamlessly integrates across your entire blog!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every social media platform has a unique voice. Snapchat is all about being the real you, with posts of raw videos throughout the day, whereas Instagram is a polished collection of people’s best photographs… often cloaked in several filters.

Adjust your blog post to match the platform appropriately, otherwise it comes across as lazy blasting the same text snippet and link across 14 platforms.

#3 Crush SEO

Search engine optimization is a tried and true method to bring lots of traffic, the catch is it doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does happen, it is viewed as the best because it is high volume and free! 

Here’s a small case study, demonstrating the power of SEO

From a Google search of the phrase “harvest moon” these are the top results:

Digging into the amount of free traffic the #1 result is getting from Google’s search engine is ~ 201,000 views.  This screenshot shows a breakdown of almanac.com whose traffic hovered around 6.7 million views last month.

Tools like SimilarWeb and Ahrefs, give insight into the volume of traffic, which might not be precise to the 2nd decimal place, but the point is there’s a lot of free traffic to be had.

The consensus is that it takes new websites 3-6 months to rank on Google. Most would agree it’s worth the wait, and in the meantime you can build your inventory of content.

  • Higher quality content = higher possibility of ranking
  • Keep a mobile mindset. Blogs/websites must be mobile device optimized (mobile searches > desktop searches)
  • Be sure pages’ load fast
  • Master keyword targeting

Many people don’t correctly choose keywords. It is not a difficult task, but it requires some learning to do it right. If you are a new blogger, you wouldn’t want to target the word “finance” because every bank, financial planner, and investment company on the planet is fighting for that word.

The best chance for success is with long tail keywords, e.g. “finance tips for college students.” A lot less people are competing for that search query. Coming up with these keywords can be difficult if you aren’t using smart SEO tools like Long Tail Pro.

#4 Golden Email List

Why is the email list praised by so many?

There’s 2 big reasons:

  1. You own the communication channel. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. if one day your account gets banned or hijacked, or algorithm changes cuts your reach in half… there’s nothing you can do. Email doesn’t change and getting banned isn’t really a concern.
  2. The inbox is not as cluttered. Getting someone’s attention in the Facebook newsfeed is incredibly difficult, the same is true with most other social media platforms. Everyone is competing for your attention, and it becomes a toss up. We all know spam hits our inboxes, but the volume is nothing compared to the competition on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Example of The Penny Hoarder’s email optin form, clearly they know what’s going on!

Once on board with the importance of building an email list, the next step is picking an email marketing service.  

Convert Kit is the leading choice among bloggers, and for good reason!

Convert Kit excels because:

  • Everything is visual including email sequences and automations
  • Tons of options with opt-in forms
  • Simple interface

The runner up would be AWeber.

#5 The Bond

It is much harder to get 1,000 new visitors on your website than it is 1,000 returning visitors. That’s where the bond comes into play!

This one is not talked about too often, but it represents the connection between the website and the visitor.

When it comes to any kind of relationship, if the connection is weak it probably won’t last very long. Your website needs to be thought of in the same way. Take a second, and look your site over from the header to the footer… EVERYTHING.

  • Are the blog posts rock solid, and well presented?
  • Is the flow of your website professional and inviting?
  • Are there clear call-to-actions to help solidify a connection?

All of these elements play a roll in creating returning visitors, and again anyone in business will tell you it’s better to nurture preexisting relationships instead of building new ones every single time.

Best of luck! Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


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