What is Income Recipes?


They are simply recipes (or guides) describing different ways to make income. 

Together, like with recipes in a cookbook, income recipes are designed to carry you into financial freedom… or in other words full blown independence!

The idea was born out of necessity, let me explain.

If you’re someone who has the entrepreneur bug, like me, you have probably been absorbing blog articles, videos, reddit posts, etc. since the day you were bit. Very quickly, you probably learned that when it comes to subjects of entrepreneurship, passive income, and financial freedom you eventually arrive at a dead end.

After reading what felt like the 1,000th post from someone saying they felt lost and didn’t know where to start, I decided to try to tip the scales a little bit.

Income Recipes’ Goals:
  • Focus on method discovery
  • Discuss strategy & nitty-gritty details
  • Provide “Secret Ingredient” sections to share useful tips

Why method discovery?

This is crucial because when it comes to building an online business, you should choose a model that suits your strengths and weaknesses, available capital, and how hands off you want it to be. I’ve found that a common problem among the entrepreneurs is jumping on what’s trendy, instead of basing decision off their talents.

The result is often frustration, and eventually moving onto the next trendy business.

Instead, why not consider various business methods, learn how they work and what is needed for success, AND THEN decide which would be the best fit!

That said, regardless of what catches your eye, this principle will be true across them all…

Remember rome wasn't built in a day

The Strategy & Nitty-gritty Details

There have been countless guides, videos, articles, speeches, etc where a process is discussed, but crucial details are glossed over.

Wrapping your head around the steps of a process isn’t terribly difficult. However, knowing how to crush each of the steps is a different story. Think about what’s needed to build a house; the actual process can be broken down into 10 steps, starting with laying the foundation, framing the exterior, wire the electrical and HVAC, etc.

Sounds easy enough right?

Perhaps, but let’s say you’re asked to go ahead and pour the foundationSuddenly, it’s not so easy; there are dozens of considerations and plans needed to do this successfully.

The same is true with selling on eBay for example. To just say, “flip items on eBay” is the equivalent of saying “just pour the foundation” to someone who doesn’t work in the concrete industry.

Final Thoughts!

In summary, the philosophy of Income Recipes is simple. Try to make more people of aware of the incredible opportunities available online, and do so by providing specific details and strategy.

Most importantly, take action with the information, and achieve the dream of financial freedom.

Thank you so much for visiting Income Recipes, and choosing to want more out of life!


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