I wanted to put together a list of the primary tools used on Income Recipes, and share why each was chosen. This decision process can be difficult at times, especially with so many choices and even more opinions. While you should certainly do your research, do not get paralyzed.

At the end of the day, these are tools for you to build something life-changing!

Give yourself a deadline, at which time you’ll 100% pull out your credit card and make the decision… otherwise you’ll fall into a second-guessing black hole.


I’ve used a lot of different hosting services over the years, but Siteground stands above the rest for 3 reasons.

First and foremost, it’s extremely affordable at just $3.95/month for 12 months… this includes tons of free bonuses!

It plays nicely with WordPress, and sets up in a snap. On top of that, the customer service is exceedingly good and offered 24/7! Overall, a hosting service isn’t something you’ll probably write home about, however selecting the right one puts you a step in the right direction.

Checkout Siteground Here

X Theme

X Theme is my theme of choice for 1 reason – usability. Out of the box, X Theme comes with everything you could possible need to beautify your website; plus there are over 20 premium plugins include in your purchase!

X Theme strikes a perfect balance between theme potential and ease of use (typically the more customizable a theme is the steeper the learning curve)!

Other themes may be a little cheaper upfront, but you’ll eventually hit limitations, unlocked only on the other side of a pay wall. Bear in mind, I’m also using the word usability here in the sense that you won’t grow out X Theme anytime soon. It is designed to work for small, medium, and large sites.

They also made it super easy to tweak your site with custom CSS. Starting out, you can’t go wrong with X Theme!

Check Out X Theme

Convert Kit 

Convert Kit is my go to email service provider for the same reason I chose X Theme – usability. The last thing I wanted when building my email list, was to get tangled in complicated settings and a clunky UI.

Convert Kit offers just the right mix of features and ease of use. Creating automatic email funnels could not be more simple; unlike most other email services, creating your funnel with Convert Kit done visually, removing the learning curve.

Plus you can label, tag, and categorize your subscribers to your heart’s desire… I’ve yet to find a circumstance where Convert Kit wasn’t equipped to do what I wanted.

From my experience, you REALLY get what you pay for in this category.

Check Out Convert Kit


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